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4 Foods that Cause Skin Problems

4 foods that cause skin problems

We all have experienced some kind of skin problems during our lives.

There are different types of skin and some of us may solve the problem easily in a few days, but for some the problem persists and it’s not easy to fix it.

There are different things that can trigger skin problems and some of them are familiar to you for sure.

Bad skin care, heavy makeup, too much sunlight, greasy food etc.

So, today I decided to write about 4 different foods that cause skin problems. (1)

Yes, you need to be very careful when it comes to food and drinks because this can affect your skin significantly.

4 Foods that cause skin problems


Sugar is added to almost everything today. Not only to desserts like cupcakes, but also to bread, dairy, and dressings.

Pay attention when you buy so called ‘healthy food’ too because there’s added sugar in yogurt, protein bars, whole wheat crackers and cereals.

Excess sugar leads to reduced collagen and elasticity.

An inadequate distribution of fats can cause an inflammation and rash all over your face.

The result is reduced elasticity and deep wrinkles.



Lactose is an allergen and many people have lost the ability to digest it.

That can lead to hormonal disbalance and skin diseases.

Besides, dairy products are pasteurized so that they can last longer and also there are added hormones and antibiotics to these products.

This causes an active production of sebum and it clogs follicles.

If you notice puffy eyelids, bags under eyes, acne all over your face, these are signs of lactose intolerance.


Gluten is a protein found in cereals, especially wheat, rye and barley.

It’s really hard to digest gluten and it takes a lot of gastric acid to digest it.

If the gastric acid and enzymes aren’t produced enough, and the gluten molecules don’t enter the small intestine completely digested, then this gradually leads to increased intestinal permeability.

You can recognize the signs of gluten sensibility on your face.

Puffy face, redness, and pigment spots on the cheek area are one of the signs.



Alcohol causes inflammation in your body: redness, rash and tiny capillaries appear on the cheeks and nose.

It dehydrates the skin cells, and dryness speeds up the wrinkle formation.

Sugar found in alcoholic drinks damages collagen and it worsens its production, so wrinkles appear and your skin gets gray color.

Well, now you know which food is bad for you, so try to cut down or cut off these products.

How to improve your skin?

To improve your metabolism, micro flora and hormones it’s not enough to avoid these products.

You need to change your dietary habits and it takes a lot of healthy food, cleansing and proper skin care to improve your skin.

3 most important changes:

  1. You need to cut off unhealthy food to reduce inflammation in your body.

These products only cause damage to your face and body and on top of that they disturb your metabolism.

The look of your face is the result of the processes that take place in your body.

  1. Detox

This helps to renew flora, boost the work of your digestive system, liver and gallbladder.

Detox is very important because your body gets rid of toxins.

A weaken immune system is the result of bad lifestyle, a lack of exercise and bad diet.

And that kind of environment is great for parasites.

They cause many diseases and acne and blackheads are a clear sign that your body is full of toxins.

  1. Use good quality products for your skin

You should use products that renew the structure of your skin, its elasticity and boost hydration

There are many skin products out there so you need to choose wisely.

Our skin is more and more exposed to sunlight (2), polluted air, and we are constantly stressed.

So, your skin needs something natural and light.

With no artificial additives and cancerous substances, but with natural ingredients that nurture, hydrate, and renew your skin.

4 Foods that cause skin problems- Final thoughts

These tips will help you protect your skin from premature aging, inflammation, and tired look.

Remember that you need to adjust your diet if you want healthy skin.

And a healthy diet can help you in the long run if you take care of your body, too.

Exercise, hydrate and choose good ingredients.

These changes are not necessary for your looks only, but for your health, too.

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