About Me

Hi, I am Ivana Petrovska and I am the creator of this website!

I am in my 30s and I’m a proud mother of two.

I am a healthy living enthusiast who is passionate about skincare, nutrition, weight loss, and fitness.

Also, I have 10+ experience in Zumba, Pilates, and I’m into healthy food and natural products.

I enjoy trying different beauty products and I pay special attention to skincare, haircare, and general well-being.

What is my mission?

I created the Beautify Me Spot website to help other women to take good care of their skin, hair, and body by writing articles on topics that concern many women.

I am talking about beauty tips, natural products, food, exercises that can help you improve your health and beauty.

If you have any questions or suggestions you can email me directly at beautifymespot@gmail.com.

Or you can check the Contact Me Page.

This website is for information and education purposes only. If you have any concerns consult your doctor.

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