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Best Tips on How to Lose Weight

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  • August 19, 2021
best tips on how to lose weight

How to lose weight is a question that I’ve heard so many times and it’s the topic of lots of articles. (1)

The answer isn’t so simple.

However, more important than how to lose weight is how to lose weight healthily. (2)

Indeed, how to lose weight healthily should be your primary goal if you want to look better and healthier in the long run.

Healthy weight loss is more effective than fast weight loss.

I’ve come across so many diets and strategies that promise fast weight loss; lose 10 pounds in a week and similar.

You need to skip that kind of unrealistic programs and focus on healthy long-term weight loss.

I decided to make a list of the best tips on how to get rid of those extra pounds that have been bothering you.

So, in this article, I want to show you the most important things you need to do to lose weight healthily and naturally.

But, first things first.

Why do you gain weight?

To come up with an answer on how to lose weight, let’s first look at why you gain weight.

Despite the opinion that obesity comes exclusively from excessive food intake, the causes can be different.

Certainly the quantity and quality of the foods you eat in most cases are the main reasons for being overweight.

However, they are not the only causes.

One of them is more and more frequent: physical inactivity during the day.

Hand in hand with this goes the development of technology that has literally made us couch potatoes.

Hormone imbalance can significantly disrupt body weight.

The endocrine glands can cause a disorder of excessive accumulation of fat in the body.

Cushing’s syndrome can be manifested by obesity, due to cortisol imbalance.

In women, obesity is common due to polycystic ovaries.

The most common cause of disturbed body weight is the hormone of the pancreas – insulin.

The main function of insulin is to regulate blood sugar levels.

If the body ingests foods high in carbohydrates, they are broken down into glucose, which goes directly into the bloodstream.

By raising sugar levels, insulin is activated which sends a small part of the absorbed sugar to the muscles as fuel and converts most of it into fat and stores it.

The choice of food that you eat can change this and boost weight loss.

Insulin levels drop, so your body starts burning fat deposits.

So, consult your doctor to run some tests if you struggle with any health problem that can cause weight gain.

If you don’t have a health condition that requires medical help, you can follow the following tips to drop some pounds naturally.

How to lose weight successfully?

Cut out white bread and pastry


White bread causes digestion problems, it doesn’t contain fiber, it slows down digestion and it can lead to obesity, constipation, and headaches.

White flour is mainly refined so it doesn’t contain any essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals.

White flour and white bread contain alloxan which destroys beta-cells and it may lead to diabetes.

So, it doesn’t have any health benefits and it may be responsible for those extra pounds.

Cut out sugar and sweets

Sugar has many calories and no nutritional value.

If you eat a lot of sweets that can be the cause of weight gain.

Sugar is also bad for your teeth and your heart and you need to avoid it as much as possible.

Simple carbs or sugar can be good for you, but only if you eat them right after a workout.

During that period your body needs a lot of energy that it takes from sugar.

If you don’t exercise and you intake sugar, your body doesn’t use that energy.

So, your body stores that energy as fat.

That leads us to the next point.

Start exercising


Walking, cycling, swimming or any other cardio workout can help you burn calories and lose weight.

If you haven’t exercised in a while add a 20-minute walk at least 3 days a week.

When you get into shape, add different cardio exercises and gradually increase the intensity.

You can try jogging, running, climbing stairs, whatever suits you.

Avoid salad dressings

They are loaded with calories. Try putting lemon and olive oil instead.

Choose healthy snacks

You can eat a healthy snack like a few nuts, or an apple.

Don’t exaggerate because nuts are also high in calories.

You can eat snacks high in fiber like whole grain oat biscuits, rice cakes, etc.

You’ll be full and you’ll intake fewer calories.

Drink fluids


Drink lots of water during the day.

If you work out you need more fluid, so drink more than usual.

Don’t let your body get dehydrated.

Cut out sodas

You need to avoid drinking sodas, store-bought juices, and alcohol because they are high in calories.

Don’t starve yourself

This is the worst thing you can do.

You can’t lose weight if you starve yourself.

This isn’t a healthy weight loss option.

Trick your brain

If you want to eat less, drink a glass of water before your meal.

You may feel full and eat less food.

Use smaller plates to fool your brain.

You can eat a full plate of food and still eat less than from a bigger plate.

Don’t skip meals

If you want to lose weight without going on a diet you need to eat 3 meals a day.

Don’t skip meals, especially not breakfast.

It’s the main meal that gives you energy for the day.

Eat slowly

Chew your food well and don’t rush.

Your brain gets the signal that you are full in about 20 minutes, so don’t eat fast.

If you eat slowly you will know when to stop and you won’t overeat.

Avoid late-night eating

You should eat dinner 2-3 hours before going to bed.

It’s not good to eat right before sleeping.

Don’t drink water while eating

Drinking water is important, but try not to drink while you’re eating.

You can drink a glass of water before your meal or after.

Carefully choose your ingredients

White bread, pastry, pasta, sweets are things to avoid.

You can eat integral whole wheat products instead.

It’s almost impossible not to eat sugar and salt at all, but try to avoid them as much as possible.

Be careful with shakes and smoothies

If you put your food in a blender it doesn’t mean you can drink as much as you want.

It still has calories, so be careful what and how much you intake.

How to Lose Weight Faster?

Losing weight isn’t a fast process and you need to be aware of that.

The most difficult part is to start your weight loss journey and stay persistent.

Giving up junk food, starting to exercise, and adopting healthy habits is a long-term process and it’s not easy.

But, you need to set your goals and try to achieve them.

Having a defined plan and program can help you get there.

Remember that the weight loss process is different for everyone and some need more time.

So, track your own progress over the months, don’t compare yourself with others.

Stay consistent and try to adjust your diet and be physically active.

Cut out junk food, sodas, and sweets; start eating fruit, vegetables, good carbs, and proteins, and don’t starve yourself.

Drink water or unsweetened tea when you are thirsty.

If you don’t like going to the gym do something that you can enjoy, like walking in the park.

You can walk 20 minutes for starters, and then increase to 40 or an hour and walk faster.

Spending time outdoors is good for your body and your mind.

It can also relieve stress.

If you want to boost the weight loss process, you may try some natural weight loss supplements that can speed up your metabolism and help you burn more calories.

There isn’t a magical weight loss supplement that can help you drop a size overnight.

You need to adopt a healthy lifestyle if you want to lose weight.

But, some good weight loss supplements can help you achieve that if you follow the instructions and adjust your diet and exercise.

According to many ladies’ testimonials and personal experiences, one of the best over-the-counter natural supplements is PhenQ.

What’s PhenQ?


PhenQ is a prescription-free alternative to Phentermine.  (3)

Benefits of using PhenQ:

  • Vegan friendly and it boosts the weight loss process.
  • It is a metabolism booster that helps speed up the calorie-burning rate.
  • It’s also an appetite suppressant, so you won’t reach for snacks all the time.
  • PhenQ is a natural fat burner so it will help you lose weight.

Let’s take a look at the PhenQ’s ingredients:

  • α-Lacys Reset– boosts your energy and metabolism.
  • Caffeine– improves your mood and boosts metabolism.
  • Nopal– a plant extract that suppresses appetite.
  • Calcium carbonate– calcium assists your cells to store less fat and burn the stored fat.
  • L-carnitine fumarate– turns fat stores into energy.
  • Capsimax powder– a strong fat-burning mix of capsicum, piperine, vitamin B, and caffeine.
  • Chromium picolinate– reduces hunger, boosts fat loss.

PhenQ ingredients


PhenQ dosage

PhenQ dosage

You should take 2 capsules per day. One before breakfast and one before lunch.

Drink 2 glasses of water with the capsules.

To get the best results, use it for 3-4 months.

Is PhenQ safe?

It’s a safe supplement, in general.

Side effects are rare with these natural capsules.

However, you should take them before 4 pm to avoid sleeping problems.

Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and minors shouldn’t take this supplement.

If you have any medical condition consult your doctor before taking any kind of supplements.

How to buy PhenQ?

You can buy PhenQ only on the official website.

The website is great, you can find a bunch of information and live support to help you with any questions.

Price and shipping?

One bottle of capsules costs 69.95 $ and it’s a month’s supply.

But you can get the money-saving deal and buy 2 bottles, get another one for free + a diet guide for 139.95 $.

Shipping is free all over the world and you get a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Here are some testimonials of people who used PhenQ and got great results:


You can visit the official PhenQ website here.

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