How to Protect your Skin in Summer?

how to protect your skin in summer

Summer is the period of the year when many of us associate with long sunny days, holidays, having fun on the beach, or relaxing.

The sun really improves our mood and we feel happier when it’s nice sunny weather.

But we shouldn’t forget that too much sunlight is bad for our skin and it can cause damage and some diseases. (1)

So, how to protect your skin in summer?

It’s very important how and when you enjoy the sun rays.

The most important thing during the summer and the days when the UV radiation is high is to protect your head, eyes, face, and arms.

You should wear loose clothes that cover your body.

And you should avoid staying in the sun from 10 am to 5 pm when UV radiation is high.

When to enjoy the sun?

Being out in the sun before 10 am and after 5 pm every day is good for your health and the immune system.

Also, the sun in this period is useful to prevent rachitis and osteoporosis.

Provitamin D found in the skin turns into vitamin D when you are exposed to sunlight.

And that’s 90 % of the daily requirements of vitamin D for adults, but not elderly people.

Your skin is your largest organ and your skin cells have a memory so you need to take good care of it at a young age so that it stays healthy.

You shouldn’t exaggerate with sunbathing because redness, sunburn blisters and similar are bad for your skin, especially if that happens often.

We all have different skin sensitivity and that determines your skin phototype.

There are 4 skin phototypes. The most sensitive skin types are children and the elderly, people with very light skin and eyes, and people with a lot of moles.

As you probably know the ozone layer is damaged and there are ozone holes that enable a wide spectrum of sun rays to reach the Earth.

So, the Earth’s natural protection is weakened and there isn’t a good filter for the harmful sun radiation.

What can UV radiation from the sun cause and how to prevent it?


We constantly hear about people who have skin cancer and unfortunately, many young people are faced with such a serious disease.

We should take this seriously and act preventively.

Pay attention to your moles.

You should visit your doctor if you notice any kind of change in your moles.

Time is precious when it comes to cancer, so you need to observe if your moles change color, shape, and size and they itch, hurt, or bleed.

Harmful sunlight can cause other acute and chronic changes to your skin. (2)

The most common ones are sunburn and photodermatitis.

Also, it can prematurely age your skin, weaken your immune system and cause cataracts.

How to Protect your Skin in Summer-Final thoughts


As we mentioned above:

  • avoid sun exposure when it’s bad
  • wear a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
  • cover your body if you have to be outside when the UV radiation is high
  • avoid tanning beds too because it’s been proven that they are bad for your skin and health

So, your most important summer skincare routine is wearing sunscreen.

It protects you from sunburn and it prevents wrinkles.

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